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Caywood Nature Reserve

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Located at the intersection of Hills Church Road and Beulah Lane
GPS: N 40 27.611
       W 79 38.295
Aerial Map:

Drawn Map:



Property Description

The Caywood Reserve offers a link up between Townsend Park to the west and Walter Nature Reserve to the east. Jane Caywood willed part of her property to the Westmoreland Conservancy in 2005 (a 34 acre plot from the 102 acre parcel). Now that she no longer needed her house on the 35 acre plot, we had an opportunity to switch it with the devise. This switch would give us a land bridge from MCP to within about 1600 feet of King. Acquisition of eight acres on the western end of the 102 acre parcel would give us access a public road and place us within 700 feet of the King Reserve. The court and the heirs approved the land switch and the heirs agreed to our acquisition of eight acres on the west end of the 102 acre parcel. And the municipality approved a three lot subdivision of the 102 acre parcel. Dominion Gas grave us permission to cross their property. Shagbark Grove Real Estate deeded us a right of way along the northern boundary of lot 10, finally closing the 700 feet gap between MCP and King. The Murrysville Community park is adjacent to this reserve (on the east). The Caywood Reserve has been several years in planning (see Caywood article, Newsletter, Jan 2009) and has opened wonderful possibilities for us. Included among them: a site-to-site trail proposed cooperatively through Conservancy and Municipal properties along this green corridor.



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