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King Nature Reserve

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Located on Crowfoot road near Sloan Elementary School

GPS: N 40 27.212
       W 079 39.454
Aerial Map:

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Property Description

The King Reserve is the largest of the conservancy holdings. The 96 acres is shaped like a crooked dagger between Crowfoot and Mamont Road. The tip of the dagger extends across Crowfoot Road and adjoins the Sloan Elementary School property. Because of its size, this is the most diversified of the nature reserves with the greatest variety of plants. It features a small intermittent stream named Sylvan Run and a short section of a tributary of Haymaker Run. Meadows, shrub thickets, and both secondary succession and mature forest make up the remainder of the habitats. Access is currently gained from a small parking lot on the south side of Crowfoot Road, which is close to the entrance trail on the opposing berm marked by a sign. Some caution is recommended because of a rifle firing range on the rod & gun club property. Stay on the upper or most northern trails. Posted signs will keep you informed of the danger. Be sure to heed these warnings, particularly when you are hearing rifle fire, which may occur any time or day of the week. The 3 acre parcel known as Potter's Corner is adjacent to the King Reserve.

Property History

Another of the parcels of land referred to us by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy was a 95-acre parcel that had been in the King Family since 1879. It is adjacent to the Crowfoot Rod and Gun Club that when taken together comprise 220 acres of open space in the center of Murrysville. All around it are residential areas. Mrs. Marjorie King Saco, who lives in Maryland, had rejected earlier offers to buy her property, fearful that it would be developed. She agreed to sell it to the Westmoreland Conservancy on a bargain sale basis at less than fair market value for $150,000. We raised $40,000 from individual contributors and obtained a Pennsylvania DCNR grant for $84,000 to help defray the cost of the purchase. The municipality contributed by building a small parking lot. Also, cash was donated by the Crowfoot Rod and Gun Club.

The Yellow Trail at the King Reserve is closed until further notice due to falling shot lead contamination.

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