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Live House Wren Webcam
Streaming live video from Murrysville, PA



About the House Wren Webcam

The streaming live wildlife webcam you are viewing is located Murrysville, PA. The webcam is broadcast live 24/7.

The camera is in a marsh area about 1000' from a power source and Internet access. The camera is inside a nest box which was the home of a house wren. Due to the extreme distance this camera is from the streaming electronics we are not able to provide a sound MIC inside the nest box because of the noise issues that are caused by the distance.

The house wren eggs started hatching on 7/22/2010 and the chicks will fledge in 14 to 16 days. Be sure to check back often to what the progression of the chicks and action at this webcam site.

This is part of the PixController, Inc. nest box webcam project. We have set up 6 different nest boxes. The nest boxes rang in size for larger birds such as Owls and Kestrels down to smaller birds such as Blue Birds and Wrens.

The nest boxes are setup in different locations from fields, woods, and wetlands to attract a verity of birds throughout the nesting season. The nest boxes all setup in wild locations and not in a backyard setting. We will move the cameras around into different nest boxes as they become active.

We thoroughly enjoy being able to use our technology to share these educational experiences and unique insights into nature with our viewers.



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