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Tomer Nature Reserve

Steward Contact:

Located on Twin Oaks Drive
GPS: N 40 28.500
       W 079 40.719

Aerial Map:

Drawn Map:



Property Description

This is our smallest property rounding out at about 17 acres with parking lot access along Twin Oaks Lane. A power line that cuts across the reserve was clear-cut by Allegheny Power in September 2000.

Tomer is the least diversified of the reserves, primarily because of its size and the power line, but it has some unique features. It contains the only known hackberry tree on our properties and a sizable American chestnut tree that thus far shows little sign of the chestnut blight. Both these trees grow right along the loop trail that traverses the reserve. The woods has both mature and secondary growth timber and offers a short, but aesthetic walk in a charming patch of forest. A windfall at the middle of the loop trail provides a fair amount of brush for bird and mammal habitat. The loop trail ascends gradually beginning at the parking lot and circles downhill to the intersection of Twin Oaks Lane with Sardis Road. You complete the loop back to the parking lot by walking on Twin Oaks Lane, or you can return via the power line meadow. Birders will appreciate walking along the power line in the spring and summer as nesting and migrating birds move back and forth across the cleared meadow beneath the lines.

Property History

The heirs of a local artist, Barbara Holzshu Tomer, gave the Westmoreland Conservancy an 18-acre parcel of land in remembrance of their mother. This parcel was part of a larger holding that originally had been targeted for subdivision.


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