Celebrating Conservation
Since 1991 

Our Vision

To preserve natural, rural, and historic landscapes for Nature’s benefit and the enrichment of future generations.
Our Mission
Westmoreland Conservancy preserves, enhances, and connects land, habitat, and green space through acquisition, stewardship, and cooperation with local communities and other organizations.

Contact Us:

Westmoreland Conservancy

1 Priority Lane, Unit 446

Murrysville, PA  15668



2/18 Annual Apple Tree

Rehab at Morosini Reserve


Apple Tree Rehab at Morosini Our annual project is revitalizing the old apple trees at Morosini! We have seen these trees bloom and produce the very same year! This is year five of our quest to not only revitalize the old variety trees at the reserve, but to make others more comfortable with the process before trying at home! Be at parking lot #1 by 9:30AM.

PLEASE register on our website or call 724-325-5523

Bring your work gloves, loppers, clippers, pole saws, and questions so that our team can share their experience.

Event Registration: www.westmorelandconservancy.org/event-registration

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Upcoming Activities:
Hot Chocolate Hike 12/17
Winter Solstice Walk 12/21
First Day Hike @ King  01/01/23
Apple Tree Rehab  02/18/23

Earth Day    04/22/23
See our calendar!

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Monthly Meetings: 
Delmont Public Library 7PM
 Dec 28, 2022

Winter Solstice Walk
4:30PM Wednesday, December 21

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12/17 Hot Chocolate Hike  10AM McGinnis Reserve w/Murrysville Recreation

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Leaving the parking lot on Hunter Drive at 10AM, we’ll hike up the yellow trail to one of the highest spots in Murrysville (1370’ summit). From there we can cut back along the red trail and work our way back to the blue trail to visit the meadow. When we finish, we’ll enjoy some hot chocolate back at the parking lot!                                                                                   

JANUARY 1, 2023



Park at the lot on Crowfoot Road and be ready to set out at 11AM. Shake off the celebratory woozies and breathe in the fresh air of the New Year. We’ll check out the stream that meanders through the two reserves and see what we can see.  Welcome 2023! 

Earth Day Work Day
April 22, 2023

Winter officially begins at 4:47PM Wednesday, December 21st. This is the shortest day, with only 9 hours and 17 minutes of daylight. Sunset will be at 4:55PM, and we'll view it from the eastern fields of the Morosini Reserve.

The Morosini Reserve is on Morosini Farm Court off Ringertown Road. 

Event Registration: www.westmorelandconservancy.org/event-registration


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The international theme of Earth Day 2023 is "Invest in Our Planet".

Westmoreland Conservancy invests in Our Community.... Your Community... every day. 

Join us 4/22/23 as we continue or quest to protect and improve habitat for

EVERYONE'S benefit! 


PLEASE wear BLAZE Orange
on ALL of our reserves at this time. 
Have some on your pets, too.
Let's ALL be safe out there!

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Westmoreland Conservancy is an all-volunteer, private 501(c) 3 non-profit organization committed to conservation. We are not affiliated with the town of Murrysville, nor with Westmoreland County. We do not receive taxpayer monies. Our organization is funded by our donors.

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Please Note:
The King Reserve  has been expanded by approximately 25 acres. Maps of the new trail are in the kiosk box!
Thank you for your patience!


Westmoreland Conservancy preserves, enhances and connects land, habitat and green space through acquisition, stewardship, and cooperation with local communities and other organizations.

Our vision is to preserve natural, rural, and historic landscapes for Nature's benefit and the enrichment of future generations. Since 1991 Westmoreland Conservancy has protected more than 600 acres of land. 

Westmoreland Conservancy is devoted to conservation of land in Westmoreland County. We are an accredited 501c-3 non-profit organization.


Westmoreland Conservancy protects land and habitat in Westmoreland County. We are making our reserves even more people-accessible, and better for the wildlife inhabiting the area.

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westmorelandconservancy.org generously hosted by donation


Donations to Westmoreland Conservancy help to protect and restore bird & wildlife habitat, and save special places of natural and historic significance. 

Get Involved

Becoming a volunteer provides a unique opportunity to contribute directly to protecting our region’s clean waters, natural areas, and sustainable local economies now and for future generations. You play an important role in conserving the waters, meadows, and woodlands of your community. You will meet wonderful people, too! Volunteering at the Conservancy is productive work, and it’s fun! 

Tell us what you would like to do: stewardship; special events; hikes; fundraising; website; newsletters/email news... contact us at the email address or phone number above! 


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