Morosini Reserve

Morosini Farm Rd, Murrysville, PA 15632

N 40° 25.493  W 079° 34.939

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Westmoreland Conservancy was approached in 2012 about protecting the Morosini Farm. The property was very different from the sloped, densely wooded properties that had been acquired in the past. This area had been farmed since before the Civil War, so it is largely open, rolling fields divided by strips of woodlands. The donor, Aldene Morosini, wanted to honor her late husband’s wishes to protect the property, and was very happy to know that it could be accomplished. She left the property as a beneficial gift in her will.

The 183-acre Morosini Reserve is home to the Universal Pedestrian Trail: a 2000’ long surfaced trail allowing those with mobility issues to enjoy a walk out to the pond. It is also the site of several Boy Scout Eagle projects and high school community service projects.