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Outdoor Play: A Prescription for Better Health

Kids are spending less time outside than ever before. Screens commonly take the blame, and there’s no doubt they’re partly at fault: The average child is in front of screens for nearly one-third of the day. However, screens aren’t the only thing keeping kids indoors. Between their busy schedules, homework, technology, and worried parents, the average child spends less than 10 minutes a day playing outside.

Why Too Little Nature is a Bad Thing

Nature and Your Child’s Health

●      How does nature impact our well-being?

●      Top 5 benefits of children playing outside.

●      10 reasons why kids need to spend time outdoors.

What’s Keeping Kids Indoors?

●      How to help your kids with their technology addiction.

●      Children should play outside alone — here’s how.

●      We need to stop worrying and just let our kids play.

Giving Kids a Reason to Get Outdoors

●      How kids can make neighborhood friends.

●      14 easy ways to make your backyard more fun.

●      Home science: backyard astronomy basics.

●      5 reasons why a bike is the best gift you can give a kid.

How to Get Outside as a Family

●      Family walking: a tradition that grows as your kids do.

●      10 tips for planning a camping trip with kids.

●      4 tips when mountain biking with your child.

●      Outdoor safety tips for hiking with kids.


Staying indoors may seem safer, but the truth is that kids have a lot to gain from outdoor play. Time in nature inspires confidence and creativity in children while improving their physical and mental well-being. For healthier, happier kids, the prescription is clear: Get outside!


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