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Celebrating Conservation
Since 1991 

Our Vision

To preserve natural, rural, and historic landscapes for Nature’s benefit and the enrichment of future generations.
Our Mission
Westmoreland Conservancy preserves, enhances, and connects land, habitat, and green space through acquisition, stewardship, and cooperation with local communities and other organizations.

Contact Us:

Westmoreland Conservancy

1 Priority Lane, Unit 446

Murrysville, PA  15668


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Interested in attending an event?
Please let us know by filling out the registration at
We always look forward to seeing new faces and familiar friends! 

Upcoming Activities:

Vernal Equinox Walk  03/19
Solar Eclipse Party 04/08
Earth Day Wo
rk Day  04/20

Annual Meeting & Election 04/24
Bird Watching at Morosini 05/19 
Enchanted Forest 06/01
Summer Solstice Walk 06/20
Watch for our 2024 events
See our calendar!


Year-round Geocaching 

2024 Monthly Meetings: 

Delmont Public Library 7PM

Feb 28

Mar 27

Apr 24

May 22

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2024 Earth Day Work Day at
Peaceful Stable Reserve
4/20 at 9AM


Join us at 9AM Saturday 4/20/24 at the Peaceful Stable Reserve on Diana Mae Lane. (google maps)

We will be working at the stable, cleaning and prepping for future maintenance and improvements. Bring gloves, rakes, boots & brooms!

Park at the end of Diana Mae Lane and inside the open fence line of the property.

Community service hours are available and encouraged.

Register FREE:

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Solar Eclipse Viewing Party

Morosini Reserve

Monday, April 8 at 2PM

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Because the moon’s shadow is a circle, viewing spots closer to the centerline of the eclipse path will see longer total eclipses. Erie, PA is along the totality route, but the Pittsburgh region will have a respectable view of this, the last solar eclipse to cross North America for 20 years. It is expected to display an active corona and be generally spectacular! 

Join us at the Morosini Reserve Monday, April 8 to view the solar eclipse. Be sure to have the recommended protective viewing eyewear.
Let us know you're coming! Limited parking available. REGISTER: 

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First Day of Spring/Vernal Equinox Walk at McGinnisTuesday, March 19, 5PM
Gerald McGinnis Memorial Walk

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First Day of Spring/AKA Vernal Equinox The seasons officially change at 9:06PM! We'll set out

along the trail from the McGinnis Reserve lot at 5PM for an early evening walk ahead of the equinox to see what may be emerging from the sleeping winter soils. It will likely be damp, so have rain gear and boots!

We also invite you to join us in remembering Gerald McGinnis as we enjoy the beauty of this property.

The hike will start promptly at 5pm from the parking lot on Hunter Drive, so come early! REGISTER: 

Winter Solstice Walk
at the Morosini Reserve



Tomer Hot Chocolate Hike
w/Murrysville Recreation


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Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 4.32.18 PM.png

Westmoreland Conservancy has always been happy to host geocaches and events at our reserves. we have cache trails designed to help explore unique features and areas of the properties. Some are even educational!

We invite you to get out and enjoy our reserves, and if you have a suggestion for or would like to help create a new cache trail on one of the properties not already boasting one, please reach out!

Westmoreland Conservancy reserves are privately owned lands that are available to the public for permitted use

  • Dogs are to be on-leash, and waste is to be removed 

  • NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES aside from PEDESTRIAN mobility aids

  • PLEASE observe Leave No Trace sensibilities and take out out anything you bring in

  • DO NOT leave trash at the reserves

at the 
Morosini Reserve

There is always an incredible variety of birds to observe at the Morosini Reserve. 


Because the 183-acre reserve boasts diverse habitat areas. You'll experience a shaded pond, dense woodlands, open fields, and edge habitat all within a 30-minute walk. if you take your time and observe closely, you'll see and hear all SORTS of birds, both migratory and local residents!

One never tires of seeing a beautiful cardinal or bluebird, but an indigo bunting, yellowthroat  or cedar waxwing is an exciting rush!

As always, you are invited to enjoy the reserve even without a guided event. Just please, leave no trace.

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Screen Shot 2023-03-10 at 9.40.14 PM.png

American Woodcock

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Summer Solstice Walk

at the Morosini Reserve

Thursday, 6/20, 8:30pm

The Summer Solstice is the longest day and shortest night of the year. What better way to observe this than to enjoy a magical evening outside? Join us at 8:30PM at the Universal Pedestrian Trailhead for an evening walk to the pond and around to the field trails. The moon will be very nearly full, so the walk should be well-illuminated!

Register FREE: 

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Share YOUR images from the reserves with us!  Visit our Facebook page 

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Westmoreland Conservancy is an all-volunteer, private 501(c) 3 non-profit organization committed to conservation. We are not affiliated with the town of Murrysville, nor with Westmoreland County. We do not receive taxpayer monies. Our organization is funded by our donors.

Annual Members' Meeting &
Wednesday, April 24

Westmoreland Conservancy’s Annual Members’ Meeting and Elections are scheduled for Wednesday, April 24th, 2024. The meeting will be held at the Delmont Public Library and on Zoom. Should you choose to attend via Zoom, please send an email to so that we can send you the link.

The Members’ Meeting will open at 7pm with a review of the proposed slate for the election of our Board of Governors. This election is by our general membership, so please plan to attend. Your voice is important to us. At the close of the Members Meeting, the Organizational Meeting will commence with the Board members electing the 2024 officers. The April Board meeting will then come to order.

Birdwatching at the 
Morosini Reserve
5/19 at 8AM

Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 2.25.17 PM.png

May is peak bird migration time in this region. The Morosini Reserve is a great place to observe some of beautiful creatures stopping off for food and rest along their journey.


Join us for a casual morning walk to see the birds and enjoy the Morosini Reserve at 8AM Sunday, May 19. Register FREE: 

Enchanted Forest at
the Morosini Reserve Saturday, June 1
11AM - 1PM

Screen Shot 2023-01-02 at 12.11.08 AM.png

Westmoreland Conservancy invites you to join us at the Morosini Reserve from 11AM- 1PM Saturday, June 1st.


Find fairy houses and troll huts in the woods. Learn about the mysterious magic of Nature! Discover all sorts of cool things!


Join us at the UPT lot at the end of Morosini Farm Court. Come dressed as your favorite fairy, sprite or woodlands creature!


We'll make a fun craft for everyone to take home! 


Westmoreland Conservancy preserves, enhances and connects land, habitat and green space through acquisition, stewardship, and cooperation with local communities and other organizations.

Our vision is to preserve natural, rural, and historic landscapes for Nature's benefit and the enrichment of future generations. Since 1991 Westmoreland Conservancy has protected more than 600 acres of land. 

Westmoreland Conservancy is devoted to conservation of land in Westmoreland County. We are an accredited 501c-3 non-profit organization.


Westmoreland Conservancy protects land and habitat in Westmoreland County. We are making our reserves even more people-accessible, and better for the wildlife inhabiting the area.

IMG_0933.jpeg generously hosted by donation

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Get Involved

Becoming a volunteer provides a unique opportunity to contribute directly to protecting our region’s clean waters, natural areas, and sustainable local economies now and for future generations. You play an important role in conserving the waters, meadows, and woodlands of your community. You will meet wonderful people, too! Volunteering at the Conservancy is productive work, and it’s fun! 

Tell us what you would like to do: stewardship; special events; hikes; fundraising; website; newsletters/email news... contact us at the email address or phone number above! 



Donations to Westmoreland Conservancy help to protect and restore bird & wildlife habitat, and save special places of natural and historic significance. 

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